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The Extension

If you love your home or don’t want to move - or simply want to explore ways to maximise space - Evolve can help. We’re happy to put you in touch with our past clients and help you find the most innovative ways to add extra rooms and increase the value of your property. We also know that it can be stressful to have builders working on your home while you’re still living there – so we always work with our clients to have the least impact on you and your family.

House and Home extensions built in Norwich and Norfolk// The Brief

Our clients’ home had a utility room which came off the back of kitchen. The property was a brand new Hopkins home, but it had a very dark, narrow doorway onto the garden. Our clients wanted to open up the back of the house, to let more light in. The problem was that the utility room was in the way.

The clients first contacted a local architect, but sadly they refused to make any suggestions or ideas unless they were hired or paid by the couple. We believe it makes sense to share ideas in a first initial meeting (because we want to work on the project) so we met them for a for a couple of hours and discussed a variety of different approaches and costings.


House and Home extensions built in Norwich and Norfolk// Our Ideas

We came up with the idea of moving the utility room into the garage, and then cutting a doorway into the garage. We knew this would mean involving a structural engineer, who could install steels at five metre intervals, which would support the whole back end of house. It would also allow us to take out the back wall of the house and install some huge new bi-fold doors.

Happily our clients agreed, so we designed and drew up plans which were then sent to planning.



House and Home extensions built in Norwich and Norfolk// What We Did

Once we had made the opening in the back wall, we were able to knock down the utility room. We then installed a steel frame, and fitted bi-fold doors across the whole opening, including a 90 degree angle turn.






House and Home extensions built in Norwich and Norfolk// How We Did It

As the clients were staying in their home for the duration of their build, we built a stud-work wall to separate the site area from the kitchen. This meant all the dust could be kept from the kitchen and living areas, allowing our clients to get on with their lives. Then when we were finished and everything was plastered and finished, we simply removed the stud wall, to open up the space again. The project took 2.5 months to complete.




// What They Said

“When I first thought about extending the house, we asked an architect to come round. He was really knowledgeable and a nice guy, but he wouldn't even talk about design ideas unless I agreed to hire and pay him. That's what was so refreshing about Mark. Way before I'd given him the job, he suggested ideas about how we could make the most of the space. He had loads of enthusiasm.

We'd planned to go on holiday halfway through the job. I felt like I could trust Mark, so we gave him the keys and the alarm code, so Evolve could get on with the job. I wasn't worried. When we got back, we decided to change our minds about the doors we wanted. I wasn't sure if this would slow everything down. But because Mark was able to do some new drawings himself - and get them signed off by a structural engineer - we didn't have to hang about. Because Evolve do everything in-house, we kept up the momentum, and finished the job on time.”